Independent Media Agencies Of Australia (IMAA) Adds 17 New Group Deals For Members

The Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) today announced a raft of new group deals for its members, offering additional savings on everything from insurance and industry reporting tools to HR management and out-of-home verification.

As part of its three phase announcement, the IMAA presented 17 new group deals to its members from radio ratings provider GfK, Integral Ad Science (IAS), GWI, Amplified Intelligence, Domo, Ipsos, Analytic Edge, Gather, Genero, WildJar, indeed, Adgile, BrightHR and Veridooh, and a game-changing deal on General Insurance.

The launch of the General Insurance deal follows the highly successful trade credit insurance deal launched last year and provides IMAA members with up to 25% off services, including professional indemnity, cyber insurance, directors and management liability, public and product liability, property damage and loss of revenue/profits, and corporate travel – one of the more significant expenses for agencies.

The IMAA also addressed the hot topic of attention planning with a deal from Amplified Intelligence.

Professor Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence, said the deal struck with the IMAA makes its attention planning tool as accessible as possible to independent media agencies without breaking the bank.

“At Amplified Intelligence, we have built attentionPLAN as a tool for independent agencies and mid tier brands as a means to democratise attention-based planning across the industry, as many tier one holding companies already have planning tools and are integrating the data,” she said.

“attentionPLAN 2.0 is designed to give maximum impact for relatively little input – so this idea of four scenarios in 10 minutes is aligned to ease of use and ensures independent agency personnel can maximise their limited time.”

The initial group deals program launched in September 2021, brokered by the IMAA, offering members access to up to 50% reduced rates.

Jacquie Alley, IMAA Board Member and IMAA Diversity and Inclusion Council Chair, said: “The group deals program has added 17 deals to the program this time around, offering up our most diverse offering yet. You will now see everything from discounts on insurance to making a business carbon neutral, through to out-of-home verification and human resources support. Now more than ever, it aligns strongly with one of our key pillars, to support Australian owned businesses and support in the reduction of business running costs.

“We know that a lot of these sophisticated tools can be considered out of reach by independent media agencies and continuing to broker these deals provides our members with additional opportunities to compete in market.”

The IMAA now boasts more than 145 members who have access to deals from more than 20 program partners.

IMAA members can learn more about the group deals program on its website.


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About Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) 

The Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) was established in February 2020 as a new, national industry body that represents Australia’s independent media agencies. The IMAA promotes the benefits of working with independent media agencies, builds awareness and respect for the sector, creates a knowledge sharing forum and helps build the Australian economy through supporting 100% Australian owned businesses.