Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) today announced an alliance with thenetworkone, the world’s largest independent agency network, that provides its members with a range of benefits and access to events.

Established in 2006, thenetworkone is the world’s largest network for independent agencies of all disciplines, with 1,200 agency members across 109 countries.  Members are provided with a network-on-demand that enables them to find partners and specialists where and when they need them.  thenetworkone enables independent agencies to compete effectively with the major communications holding companies and consulting businesses.

As part of the alliance, all IMAA members will also become members of thenetworkone, with benefits including its free inter-agency staff exchange, member events, newsletters, reviews, networking and information sharing.

thenetworkone can also facilitate agency partnerships if IMAA members require agencies in other disciplines beyond media, in Australia or in other markets, including the creation of bespoke networks of ‘go-to-partners’ for specialist agencies that require a depth of knowledge, such as healthcare.

thenetworkone Director, Paul Squirrell, said: “We are excited to be working with the IMAA and providing its members with access to hundreds of potential best-in-class partner agencies around the world to learn from, share and collaborate with.

“We truly believe that an agency no longer needs to own all the resources that a client might require to deliver a media campaign.  Instead, why not just seek out the best partner and solution for a particular project?  This is a network on-demand and, it works because independent agencies are naturally curious and collaborative!

“By building a relationship with the IMAA and its members, thenetworkone hopes to encourage inbound business activity to Australian media agencies and also empowering those same agencies to compete for, win and deliver international media assignments. We are looking forward to working together.”

IMAA Chairman, Dominic Pearman, said: “We are delighted to be a part of thenetworkone and all the benefits it brings to our members. The IMAA was established as a not for profit industry association that gives the thriving independent media agency industry a collaborative voice and supports Australian owned businesses. The alliance with thenetworkone allows our members’ access to a fantastic global resource of a range of independent agencies.

“There are many benefits for advertisers to work with independent media agencies, one of the most important being the depth and longevity of experience they provide and staff consistency and stability. Specialist skills from around the world and knowledge sharing capabilities will now also be at our fingertips.”

The IMAA and thenetworkone will host a member webinar for Australian members on Wednesday 6 May at 4.00pm where Paul Squirrell will discuss what it means to be part of the wider group and the resources members have access to.

thenetworkone has also announced “Webinar Wednesday”, a series of webinars featuring nine leading presenters from The Indie Summit discussing a variety of topics from ‘how to lead an agency through a crisis’ to ‘where agency new business really comes from’.   These webinars are available free for independent agency leaders.

For further information contact:
Rochelle Burbury
Third Avenue Consulting
0408 774 577 

Paul Squirrell
Director, thenetworkone
+44 (0)20 7240 7117

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