“The IMAA (Independent Media Agencies Australia) is a not-for-profit industry association of independent media agencies that support 100% Australian owned agencies and in these challenging times, it couldn't be more important to buy local and support our homegrown media industry. The spirit of collaboration between independent agencies helping & supporting each other captures the mateship Australian ethos. Plus clients get to partner with owners and leaders of the local businesses so they are helping Australian independent agencies thrive."

Greg Graham

Founder & CEO, The Nest Consultancy

“The IMAA (Independent Media Agencies Australia) is an invaluable source of independent media agencies, all of which have been peer verified and commercially checked to ensure only the highest quality are accepted as members. This means any advertiser looking for an independent media agency can be assured that choosing any one of their members is making a solid business decision. In fact, choosing a media agency without checking the IMAA membership first means you have just overlooked more than half of the media marketplace”. 

Darren Woolley

Founder and Global CEO, TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants

"In our experience, indies tend to work harder per client, and are very responsive. It’s easy to escalate issues, get answers and fix things on the fly. With Pivotus, in particular, what attracted us was their ability to show results live, and to help us make fast decisions and alterations where necessary."

Susanne Schantz

RACT Insurance Product and Marketing Manager

"One of the starkest differences between an independent agency and a [bigger player] is the sense we’re not simply a number to them. They value our business, and we value their expertise and experience. They bring a level of proactivity that constantly shows they’re always looking for ways to improve. That drive and determination is often something that is lost with larger corporate agencies."

Brent Adams

Maven Head of Digital Marketing

“Working with a smaller independent agency, we’ve never felt like ‘just another account’ that needs to be serviced or that what we’re asking is too much. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies, and I’ve never felt more comfortable than I do with inc. - I trust them completely. They’re smart, ambitious, and their energy is contagious.  Results are one thing but, for me, trusting the people I work with is the most important thing above all. I know they have our best interests at heart. Above all, the most important thing to me when working with an agency is trust and understanding. Over the years, inc’s enthusiasm has never wavered and I have very much appreciated both their knowledge and their honest communication, which allows us to keep changing and adapting our strategy together. By being careful and strategic with our approach, we have increased our EDM sign-ups by 62% but most importantly, sustained our open-rate at 40%, which means we’re getting both quantity and quality.”


Anabel Pandiella

Simon & Schuster Marketing and Publicity Director