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The IMAA Academy is an e-learning course designed to educate on the foundations of media.

The following registration options are for individuals or businesses who are not members of the IMAA.





Embark on your learning journey with an all-inclusive e-learning package. 

The curriculum covers the fundamentals of media, the current media landscape and detailed overviews of seven media channels, including, audio, digital, cinema, television, out-of-home, publishing & news and regional. 

Additionally receive exclusive access to our additional training package ‘Business in a Box’ specifically designed for junior and senior leaders. 


  • 8 e-learning courses
  • 8 podcasts 
  • 8 videos 
  • 21 ‘Business in a Box courses’ suitable for juniors and leaders. 

IMAA certification upon the successful completion of the course 


Packages have been created based on the size of your organisation.

(To determine the appropriate package for your organization, consider the number of individuals who will need access to the Academy.
This includes staff who will take the courses, as well as managers who may want to review their progress.)


Access for 1 - 5 Staff $799/p.a
ex GST

Access to:


Access for 6 - 20 Staff $1500/p.a
ex GST

Access to:


Access for 21 - 50 Staff $4000/p.a
ex GST

Access to:

Alternatively, individual courses can be purchased.

Media 101 – Non Member
This first course provides an overview of the foundations of media and the Agency landscape. It will also build on your knowledge with an introduction to seven media channels: audio, digital, cinema, TV, out-of-home, publishing and news and regional.
$99.00 Ex GST
Cinema 101 – Non Member
Welcome to our Cinema101 module! In this course, we’ll tour the cinema landscape and demonstrate why it’s a prime channel for engaging with target audiences. Discover the major players in the industry, how cinema complements other media channels and gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential factors that should be taken into account when creating a cinema campaign.
$99.00 Ex GST
Audio 101 –
Non Member
Get ready to turn up the volume with our Audio Media module! This module gives you a solid view of the audio landscape and why it’s a great channel for reaching people at scale. From podcasts to streaming radio, you’ll learn about the different formats available, the importance of measurement, and when to include Audio in a plan.
$198.00 Ex GST
Digital 101 – Non Member
Embark on an exploration of the Digital Media world with our Digital101 course. This module delves into the constantly evolving digital landscape and highlights its potential for effectively targeting audiences. Discover the various digital formats available, learn how to measure the success of your campaigns, and gain an understanding of crucial elements to consider when creating a digital marketing campaign.
$495.00 Ex GST
Out of Home 101 – Non Member
Join us as we delve into the world of Out-of-home advertising and learn about its capabilities as a powerful channel for reaching audiences. We will introduce you to the major players in the industry, explain the importance of standing out in this channel and guide you through the key factors to consider when planning an Out-of-home advertising campaign.
$198.00 Ex GST
Television 101 – Non Member
This module will provide a comprehensive overview of the television industry and television’s potential for reaching audiences at scale. We will explore the TV landscape, the characteristics of an effective ad and crucial factors to consider when planning a TV campaign.
$198.00 Ex GST
Publishing & News 101 –
Non Member
We will start this module by introducing you to the basics of publishing and news media, the audiences it reaches and why it is a reliable channel for engaging with them. You will learn about the major players in the industry, how the content is consumed, and the critical factors to consider when planning a campaign.
$99.00 Ex GST
Regional 101 – Non Member
Just over a third of the population of Australia lives in Regional areas, so this module will educate you on the most effective ways to reach them. We will cover the Regional landscape, audience demographics, and media consumption habits. Additionally, we’ll delve into important factors to consider when creating a Regional campaign, including audience profiles and engagement methods.
$99.00 Ex GST


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