Diversity & Inclusion

The IMAA’s underlying goal is to create a landscape for the sector that takes DE&I from ‘niche to normal’ within independent media agencies.

To achieve this, we have created the IMAA DE&I Council to educate and empower member agencies on the value of embracing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The Council focuses on four key pillars: cultural, age & gender, LGBTQI+ and disability, and accessibility, and their core purpose is to facilitate resources, training, and initiatives for members.

With the guidance and direction of the DE&I Council, and in adherence to these pillars, the IMAA has undertaken various initiatives. These include the establishment of the Female Leaders of Tomorrow programme, which was created to address the discrepancies with the gender gap in leadership positions and provide guidance and support to female leaders within the independent industry as they navigate their career paths and progress within the media industry.

In addition the IMAA created a reconciliation mob committed to making a difference in the media industry by educating our members on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. We have also facilitated a delegation of agencies and media partners to the Northern Territory and sponsored a First Nations charity program.

Resources And Training

For agencies embarking on their own DE&I journey, the IMAA has sourced various resources and training opportunities to support your efforts. 

  1. Cultural 

Reconciliation Australia: 




SBS Cultural Diversity course


SBS Cultural Diversity course


  1. Age & Gender

Workplace Gender Equality Agency


Diversity Council Australia: Age  


The Experience Advocacy Taskforce (EAT)

  1. LGBTQI+

LGBTQI+ Health Australia


  1. Disability & Accessibility

Diversity Council Australia: Disability & Accessibility 




The Australian Network on Disability:


Australian Human Rights Commission


ADHD Australia


General Toolkits, guidelines and other resources




Member Benefits

  • Members receive a 50% discount on SBS inclusion courses.
  • Join the IMAA Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Charter.
  • FREE access to join cuppa.tv webinars

Embracing DE&I in workplaces promotes fairness and social responsibility, leading to tangible benefits such as improved creativity, decision-making, employee engagement, and competitiveness. It can positively impact an organisation’s bottom line while fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. The IMAA is committed to working hand-in-hand with our sector to create a support platform for member collaboration.