International Staff Transfer

Presents International Staff Transfer Program

The IMAA and thenetworkone Exchange Program aims to link international member agencies who’d like to exchange similarly skilled employees for a pre-determined period.

The program’s objective is to enable the participating agencies and employees to benefit from a skill and idea exchange while forging links and professional friendships that would not otherwise have existed.

Who is eligible?

The program is open to all members of IMAA. It is ideally suited to mid-level agency employees (Account Managers, Planners and Creative individuals), who would benefit most from the experience and have the personal and professional flexibility to live in another country for a month.

How does it work?

thenetworkone has a register of agencies wishing to participate in the program. Each participating agency will provide details of the team member they would like to exchange – such as job roles and experience.

thenetworkone will match participating agencies based on agency sector experience (B2C, B2B, automotive etc.) and the job roles and skillsets of the teams to be exchanged. This is important because exchanged employees must be able to perform a similar function within their host agencies to that which they’d do on their own to participate fully and contribute to the host agency.

Once thenetworkone has determined a suitable ‘match’, we will introduce one agency to the other so that the agency owners can arrange the exchange details directly between themselves.

This is an incredible opportunity for our IMAA Members.