Member Benefits

The IMAA is a not-for-profit association committed to providing value to our Members, raising the profile of independent agencies and paving the way for a level playing field for the sector.
Membership to the IMAA is $1760 (ex GST) and with this Australian-owned independent agencies can enjoy the following benefits:

IMAA Academy
The IMAA has created an 8-module Media Training Academy exclusively for IMAA Members, their clients and Partners. The objective is to collectively raise the capability of the media industry while providing our Members added value through upskilling and development.

Trade Credit Insurance
The IMAA has negotiated a world-first trade credit insurance group deal for IMAA members, successfully brokering a deal that will see members save up to 75% in some cases.

International staff transfer
The IMAA and our global independent agency partner thenetworkone have formalised an international inter-agency staff transfer program for members, which allows staff the same opportunities as their multinational agency counterparts to travel and work overseas. The objective of the program is to enable participating agencies and employees to benefit from a cultural, ideas, and skills exchange, forging links and professional friendships. It’s open to all agency members of IMAA and thenetworkone and is best suited to mid-level agency employees

Group Deals
A range of group deal agreements has been negotiated with partners across tech and data platforms, consumer insights, content marketing, industry software, marketing measurement, client relationship management, and business tools.

IMAA members benefit from ongoing training whether it be from our weekly educational webinars to the courses on offer from our 44 media partners and industry associations, there is learning opportunities for all Agency staff regardless of their experience.

The IMAA holds regular networking events for our members to meet other Agencies as well as our Media Partners.

All certified members of the IMAA receive an ‘IMAA Certified Member’ badge, which they can display on their communications giving them credibility as a leading Australian-owned independent Agency of the IMAA.

Members of the IMAA are invited to participate in trade press opportunities within AdNews or Media Week to raise the profile of their CEO and Agency.

Membership to thenetworkone
As a member of the IMAA, Agencies receive access to thenetworkone, which has access to a global network of over 1,200 like-minded independent agencies across 116 countries. Providing contacts to other markets for international pitches, support, resources or, information when working with existing clients internationally or domestically.

Salary Survey
Providing our Agencies with salary benchmarking, the IMAA runs an annual Salary Survey exclusive to our Members.

To become a member or find out more, reach out to the IMAA: