Project Earth

The IMAA is proud to launch our ‘Project Earth’ initiative, highlighting the IMAA’s commitment to environmental management and sustainability within the independent sector and greater media landscape.

Within this initiative, we will be focusing on three key objectives:

The IMAA is now officially carbon neutral, as are all our events. Setting an industry and media benchmark.

Providing resources and learning opportunities through webinars and this webpage.

Facilitate activations that members can participate in.

The following five businesses will assist us in implementing processes and systems to reduce emissions and energy use. Educate our industry while we lead by example by investing and taking tangible action.


 is our business partner who has made the IMAA a Carbon Neutral Organisation. This means that Trace has measured the carbon footprint of our buildings, travel, waste and suppliers and offset those emissions through certified carbon credits and tree planting.

Click here to learn how the IMAA are taking climate action by managing our carbon emissions. Businesses are also encouraged to start their own journey in measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint by joining Trace’s program.

Net Zero Media

Net Zero Media is a technology company focusing on the granular measurement of C02-e emissions from media, marketing and advertising.

They will be partnering with the IMAA and our members to better understand the carbon footprint of media campaigns, channel by channel, format by format, to help reduce emissions and mitigate what cannot be reduced through methods such as offsetting.

Net Zero Media is a 100% independently owned Australian company, therefore, a natural partner in our mission to aid the media industry in its journey to Net Zero emissions and beyond.


Scope3 is the source of truth for supply chain emissions data. They integrate with planning, measurement and reporting tools to seamlessly deliver carbon-adjusted metrics and demonstrate progress against climate goals and commitments.

The IMAA is partnering with Scope 3 to decarbonise the advertising and media supply chain.


C2Zero is our event partner. To date, two of our events: Operation Bounce Back and the Digital Deep Dive, have been made carbon neutral due to this partnership.

C2Zero is an Australian startup that takes the complexity and risks out of immediate and meaningful action on climate change for businesses and their customers. Their solution, a world first, is fully transparent and traceable, minimises reputational risk, suits any budget and supports stakeholder engagement.

C2Zero does not use carbon credits or offsets. Instead, C2Zero locks away the world’s most regulated emissions allowances that the biggest polluters need to pollute. Unlike planting trees, the impact of removing these allowances from the market is immediate, traceable, and measurable. Most critically, it prevents C02 from being released into the atmosphere – and that’s the best thing we can do to avoid the climate crisis.


SeenThis adaptive ad streaming tech enables agencies to stream any size video asset to high impact display formats across all display inventory. With no max file size limits, streamed ads load and play instantly regardless of the device or connection strength of the end user. This is different compared to technology currently used for standard digital ads (video, animated, static) which require the creative file to download entirely into the ad unit before any creative starts to play.

Agencies can execute with any targeting, audience or 3rd party data stack and can stream to any display inventory bought on the open exchange, PMP or PB. Instant loading, high impact video display ads at scale and at display CPM’s.

Streaming uses up to 80% less data to deliver creative content into ad units compared to existing download technologies. Eliminating this unnecessary data usage has a direct impact on C02 emissions and can reduce a campaign’s digital C02 footprint by as much as 26%.

SeenThis provides agencies with the ability to measure and track in real time the digital C02 impact and data savings at a campaign format level. These sustainability metrics are visualised alongside standard video media metrics in a campaign dashboard.

SeenThis implements Doconomy Data Impact API to verify C02 emissions linked to data wastage in accordance with GHG protocols.

My Net Zero

My Net Zero is a data-led climate action partner sitting at the intersection of environmental sustainability and employee engagement, two of the world’s biggest challenges and opportunities.

My Net Zero is partnering with IMAA members to help negate your employee-related emissions relating to office and ‘work from home’ energy use. And in parallel My Net Zero will engage your employees in personal climate action both at home and in the office.

In our people-led industry, this is a key consideration within our environmental sustainability plans, contributing heavily to emissions reductions whilst enabling your people to be a part of the solution. As part of the partnership with the IMAA, members engaging My Net Zero will get free use of the Climate Engagement Tracker tool.

Find out more here

In addition to educating our industry on steps they can take, the IMAA and our members are leading by example by investing and taking tangible action through a range of initiatives.

Clean Up Australia

Thirteen independent media agencies from four states, along with nine IMAA media partners, were paired to clean up their local areas to mark Clean Up Australia Day.

The media agencies involved on the day include Admatic, Affinity, Apparent, BCM, Enigma, Inc Digital, Kaimera, Mentor Marketing, Murmur, OMDigi Group, TFM Digital, The Media Store, and Vonni Media, and they were paired with partners from ACM, ARN, Bishopp, Blis, EMX, Gumtree, oOh! Media, Nexxen, Stackadapt and Taboola.

Sponsored Projects

In line with key days throughout the calendar, the IMAA has committed to investing in projects which make a difference to our environment.