Agency Profile - Impressive

By AdNews
June 2, 2022

A series focusing on media agencies. This time we talk to Impressive

Vision: To define the future of performance marketing. We help brands and marketers expand their growth potential to create their own tomorrow.

Positioning: For every company that believes there’s more to digital than CPCs (Cost Per Clicks). Impressive is a pure-bred performance partner helping companies grow by bringing together the best minds, ambitious ideas, and first-class digital strategies. We’re rewriting the rules — often inspiring others to follow in our footsteps.

Who: Robert Tadros is a successful entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Impressive. He is joined by Russ Macumber as the General Manager of Impressive USA.

What makes your Agency stand out?

Impressive is an award-winning digital marketing agency specialising in multi-channel, cross-platform campaigns that drive results. At Impressive, we believe in never settling for mediocrity. We push the limits by offering high-quality services and by recruiting only the best talent. We’re always striving to hire the best of the best, and we always upskill and develop so that we can keep our skills at the top of their game.

Team size

From the humblest of beginnings (think: one client and one employee), we’ve built a team of 90 A-players that are growing brands in Australia, the US and beyond.


Robert Tadros started Impressive 6 years ago in Melbourne


Melbourne, Brisbane and Austin, Texas USA


Since 2016, we’ve been accelerating growth for retailers with first-class digital strategies, powered by Impressive minds.

Impressive was founded with a single goal: to cut through the BS and create campaigns that drive tangible performance for retailers. We wanted to be an ethical, results-driven business in a sea of cowboys, and offer brands a new way forward. A way to help retailers stay agile and keep up with the fast-paced world of digital.

But what truly matters to us? Working with our clients and our people to define the future of digital. That’s why we’re continually pushing the boundaries to deliver long-term growth for more retailers around the world. Whether it’s through bringing in Performance Directors, partnering with industry associations like NORA and the IMAA, or expanding our presence to the US, we’re always a move ahead and a cut above.

Special Expertise

Enterprise SEO, Paid Media, Programmatic, CRM & Loyalty

Significant clients

Mitre 10, Kookai, NineWest, Kogan, Roll’d, Acer, Modibodi

Recent Campaigns

We’ve recently undertaken a number of different campaigns, including changing Billy J Boutique’s approach from paid media to an omnichannel strategy, and impacting Viktoria & Woods’ online warehouse sales.

Most memorable/favourite campaign

The story of how an iconic retailer, Mitre 10, constructed an “Impressive” eCommerce strategy. We created an highly efficient omni-channel strategy powered by Google search ads, social remarketing, display ads, email marketing, and Facebook and Instagram ads.

The team at Mitre 10 was stuck. They had thousands of SKU’s that were only available for click and collect because of their weight and size. Our strategy focused on the click and collect service. Essentially, the campaign was about digital marketing that extended past the digital space. Tying in-store and offline sales had a huge impact for Mitre 10 and ultimately produced fantastic results.

What do you like about being an independent?

Being nimble, agile, and no red tape

In your opinion what is the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity the industry and your agency faces this year?

The industry’s biggest challenge is finding the best and brightest stars. However, with our agency’s expansion into Brisbane later this year, we have a chance to significantly increase our operations. The market is heating up over there, and our USA operations are doing very well too. With this growth, we hope to find even more talented individuals to join our team.