Introduction to Pitch-Chella

Welcome to Pitch-Chella – where your skills meet opportunity and creativity.

‘Pitch-Chella’ is an innovative initiative launched by the IMAA to showcase the incredible talent within the indie sector. This programme is specifically designed for employees from independent agencies who have been in the media industry for five years or less. It offers a dynamic platform for budding professionals to team up, enhance their pitching skills, share knowledge, and foster collaboration across the industry.

Structure of the Awards Programme

  • Team Configuration: Entrants can join individually or form teams. Team configuration is between 2-4 members. Agencies may submit their own teams, or individuals can join forces with other agency staff. The IMAA will also assist individuals with forming a team.
  • Eligibility: This opportunity is exclusive to IMAA Members with five years or less tenure in the media industry.
  • Exclusions: C-Suite executives are not eligible to participate.
  • Accessibility: This nationwide Awards Programme, including the final pitch, is conducted virtually.
  • Registration: The number of teams an Agency can submit is unlimited. However, there is a cost involved in participating:
    • Individual = $90 (ex GST)
    • Team = $300 (ex GST) per 4 entrants.

Awards Programme Benefits

Agencies benefit from:

  • Enhanced collaboration amongst internal agency teams, or other independent agencies.
  • Exposure for members to larger and more complex briefs.
  • Investing in staff.
  • PR of your agency’s involvement with this initiative.

Employees will enjoy:

  • Extensive networking and collaboration across the industry.
  • Recognition of their skills and contributions.
  • Increase in personal brand, through PR and social media channels.
  • Networking.
  • A fun and enjoyable experience.
  • Opportunity to showcase your skills to a wide market.

Awards Programme Criteria

  • Eligibility is limited to IMAA members.
  • Participants must have a tenure of no more than five years within any media discipline, including Investment, Strategy, Client Lead, Data, Tech, and Sales.

Awards Programme Cost

The entry fee to participate in this Awards Programme

  • Individual = $90 (ex GST)
  • Team = $300 (ex GST) per 4 entrants.

Application Criteria & Eligibility & Expectations

This Awards Programme will run for two months. Below is a timeline of the key milestones.

The one key expectation is that each entrant must be available to collaborate with their team over this period. If shortlisted as a finalist, all team members must be available on Fri 30th August for the virtual pitch.

Individual’s expected involvement will be at their discretion based on how much time they dedicate to this competition.

Mon 1st July: Applications open

Fri 12th July: Applications close

Mon 22nd July: IMAA announces team structures. Briefs will be provided to each team.

Fri 16th Aug: Teams submit a written response to the brief.

Mon 19th Aug–Fri 23rd: Judges reviewing all written brief responses.

Mon 26th Aug: Feedback provided to each team. Shortlisted finalists announced.

Fri 30th Aug: Shortlisted finalists virtual pitch to 6 judges (15-minute presentations).

Wed 18th Sept: Winners announced, celebratory event (hosted in Sydney) for all entrants, IMAA members and Media Partners.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Participants must work in an independent agency with a tenure of 5 years or less in media.
  • No C Suites.
  • Participants must be committed to actively participating in this initiative amongst the selected team.
  • All costs associated with this initiative are at the agency’s expense.

Next Steps: How to Apply

Download the application form and return it to info@theimaa.com.au by Friday, July 12th.