Agency Profile: Kaimera

By AdNews
May 18, 2022

A series focusing on media agencies. This time we speak to Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA). members.

Agency Name: Kaimera

Nick Behr, CEO and Founder of Kaimera

Names are so important. We wanted our name to mean something to our staff and to our clients. Our starting point was our agency values – trust, passion, and agility. This led us to the Chimera – a mythical three-headed creature that has the head of a lion (passion), the body of a goat (trust) and the tail of a snake (agility). The ‘K’ was both strategic and circumstantial as no other agency had ‘K’ in its name. We are all very proud Kaimerians.


Media Made Simple. Media has become more complex, and agencies have certainly contributed to this complexity. We’re here to redress the balance.


Nick Behr – CEO
Trent McMillan – Chief Digital Officer
Stewart Gurney – Chief Strategy Officer
Jade Harley – Social, Content and Partnership Director
Anna Magliano – Head of Client Service
Conor Riordan – Client Director

What makes your agency stand out?

We have senior Kaimerians working on clients’ business. We’re also experienced professionals with a wealth of media knowledge and exceptional relationships.
And we’re totally transparent as well as being a bunch of smart, curious, and action-orientated Kaimerians. Not only do we care passionately about what we do, we are a group of fun-loving, nice people.

Team size


6) Founders?/ Year Agency was founded?
Nick Behr & Trent McMillan. The agency was founded in 2016.

Office Locations:



Kaimera is an independent, full-service media agency built on a foundation of trust and transparency. We are committed to making media simple for our clients, which means crafting effective and straightforward solutions that drive business results.

Simplicity only comes through depth of knowledge, genuine expertise and a commitment to rigour. Our role as a full service, independent media agency is to untangle media complexity.

We are uniquely positioned to offer objective advertising and marketing solutions based wholly on what’s right for individual businesses.

Special Expertise?

Our core services are media planning and buying, but we also specialise in content, partnerships and social. We really invest in client service – we think that’s a real differentiator for us and the clients we work with.

Tell us about some of your recent campaigns?

Too many to note but we have recently helped to supercharge My Muscle Chef’s growth by helping them to build a distinctive brand. We’re also proud of our work to reinvigorate Yalumba’s premium brand perceptions by achieving the highest ‘quality’ scores it has seen since 2017.

Most memorable/favourite campaign?

One of our favourite campaigns this year was for Cointreau. In collaboration with shopper experience agency Bamboo, we created an integrated campaign that helped cement the importance of Cointreau in a Margarita cocktail.

We created two characters ‘marg’ and ‘rita’ and used radio, content, and video to bring their ‘cointreau-versial’ adventures to life. Not only was this campaign born out of a genuine insight and audience understanding, it has driven impressive results for our client.

What do you like about being independent?

We are seeing the industry becoming homogenised. With the same tools, same processes, and all brands struggling to differentiate themselves beyond size. Independents are masters of their own destiny. We can shape our capabilities on our own terms and invest without months of approvals.

There’s also nothing more liberating than being able to hire someone on the spot because you can see the potential in them and what they can offer the business.

The  biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity the industry and your agency faces this year?

In terms of opportunity, well, we work in one of the most dynamic and interesting industries in the world. The opportunities are boundless for agencies willing to get stuck in and do the hard yards. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a strategy come to life, media channels firing correctly and the business results rolling in.

Our biggest industry challenge is talent. There is a dearth of talent across the industry, which is causing over inflation of salaries and junior people being given responsibility they are simply not ready for. We are lucky at Kaimera to have a senior team who really enjoy getting their hands dirty and partnering with clients, and an enviable culture that retains talent and helps people grow.