Agency Profile - This Is Flow

By AdNews
April 6, 2022
A series focusing on media agencies. This time we speak to Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA). members.
Agency Name: 

This Is Flow

Mission/Vision/Unique identifier:

Flow is known as the “Positive Impact Agency”. A positioning that seamlessly fits in with how the agency operates. Our purpose is to create the most incredible experiences that leave positive impact. This is not just about results and campaigns, but it’s how we work with clients, how we impact our own staff, everything we do. It’s backed up by our ‘+Impact Planning’ process (+IP) and 6 impact pillars through the business – PEOPLE, PROCESS, PRODUCT, CLIENTS, CONSUMERS & COMMUNITY. Finally, our vision is “To be the agency of the future, that never forgets the impact of it’s past.”


Jimmy Hyett is the CEO (Sits on the MFA Board, and most recently won Media Executive of the year with CEO Magazine). Matt Papasavva is Managing Director (ex Mediacom, Mindshare and Ticketek).

What makes your Agency stand out?

The thing that makes our agency stand out is our people. They are some of the most passionate and positive crew in the industry. The energy and culture in the office is electric and it’s like nothing else out there. It’s also why we launched the Flow Profit Share – which gives our people up to 50% of profits written into their contracts based on the business hitting milestones. This initiative was an industry first launched last year and means that the whole team are on our journey and actually see the benefits of growth! It has been received so well not just by our staff but also by the industry.

Team size

20 with billings of around $40M across the business.


Jimmy Hyett started the agency 6 years ago.

Office Locations:



We are a full service media agency in Australia and NZ – meaning we have a full planning and buying team in offline and digital, everything from strategy, data science and technology in house. But as an agency, we also have experience in creative, content and community and are connected with specialist partners to deliver this for our clients also.

Special Expertise:

Media Planning and Buying (in all digital and traditional channels). Data, innovation and technology. We are also experts in customer experience.

Significant clients: 

TPG Telecom (Felix Mobile) Carnival PLC (Princess Cruises, Seabourne Cruises, Cunard Line and Holland America Line) Care Pharma (Hydralyte, FESS, Clear Eyes etc)

Recent Campaigns

We have recently brought cruising back into the market with return to cruise for all 4 of our cruise brands. We have launched a new telco – FELIX which is part of the TPG and Vodafone Merge. We have been raising the roof with King Gee and Hard Yakka

Most memorable/favourite campaign?

We really moved the dial with Hydralyte, with a brave shift from 100% TV to 100% digital, we were able to deliver longevity to their campaign, reach more people and expose them to more creative executions – but most importantly, drove a 27% increased sales in a declining category.

What do you like about being an independent?

Innovation and agility is something that we take for granted, but it’s unique to Indies and should be harnessed and supported more. We put 10% of profits back into an innovation fund and it’s all built around finding a better way. But the thing I like most – is the insane amounts of passion and energy within the agency. It’s infectious.

In your opinion what is the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity the industry and your agency faces this year?

Biggest challenge – is holding onto the high quality of service, care and energy as we grow bigger. This is the thing that makes us who we are so we will be putting every ounce of effort into ensuring this doesn’t fade for our team and also for our existing clients. Biggest opportunity – there is a gap in the industry right now for an exciting and innovative indie – to be a real competitor to any agency out there and be a place where people want to work, and LOVE working at. We want to be that agency.