Agency Profile - Vonnimedia

By AdNews
May 10, 2022
A series focusing on media agencies. This time we speak to Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) members.

Vonnimedia. Vonnimedia’s name originated as an easy name for people to identify myself as a marketing freelancer. Fast forward to 2 years later with 12 full time digital specialists in Sydney, Vonnimedia’s name continues, as I am building a strong personal brand in the marketing and communications industry.


Vonnimedia’s mission is to be the most empowering marketing company in the world. Our mission is to be an innovative global marketing agency, here to sustainably scale brands of tomorrow with a smile. Vonnimedia is to define a new era of marketing by providing a transparent lense of Vonnimedia’s journey. This will make Vonnimedia one of the most desirable agencies in the world.


Veronica Cremen

What makes your Agency stand out?

In the last 2 years I have built a cutting edge digital marketing agency that was 2, 12 months ago, to now 12 full-time digital marketing experts managing over 5 million of ad spend, and growing, a year. The business was established in Sydney’s first lockdown period in 2020, and has continued to flourish by delivering excellent results for Australian household names such as Schwarzkopf Professional and F45, and some of Australia’s up and coming fashion and accessory brands like SNDYS The Label, The Littl and Status Anxiety. A success story includes building an ecommerce client from $2k per month, to annually 3.5M in sales annually within a year. Another success story is an ecommerce client who had $25k a month average revenue, to last December doing 1 million a month and growing. This business has been built with no capital investment, and have been self-funded through profitable business operations with strong market fit. I have a YouTube and TikTok channel that upload regular vlogs to provide a transparent lense into the agency’s operations. It may be worth noting that I was 24 years old when I started, and am now 26.

Team size?


Founders?/ Year Agency was founded?

Veronica Cremen (1), late 2019.

Office Locations: (Cities)



Digital Advertising, Custom Shopify Website Builds, Corporate and TikTok Video Production

Significant clients:

Schwarzkopf Professional, SNDYS, F45

Recent Campaigns

BLONDME and IGORA ROYAL digital advertising campaigns for Schwarzkopf Professional

Most memorable/favourite campaign?

Holly Sanders x The Teaching Tools collaboration. Contemporary Aboriginal Artist and teacher, Holly Sanders, is a proud Bundjalung woman from the North Coast NSW who is currently based on Yuin Country, South Coast NSW. Through her art, she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way. A celebration of the First Nations people and children who have been learning on this country for over a thousand generations. As the first teachers, First Nations people’s cultural traditions and knowledge has been passed down for thousands of years. 100% of profits from the sales of select stamps will be donated directly to Children’s Ground. Partial profits from the notepads are also donated to Children’s Ground.

What do you like about being an independent?

The entrepreneurial nature and spirit of an independent is unmatched. We are quick, adaptable, innovative and cost-effective for the customer.

What is the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity the industry and your Agency faces this year?

Talent acquisition