Female Leaders of Tomorrow

Welcome to the ‘Female Leaders of Tomorrow’ Mentoring Programme application form.

Application Criteria & Eligibility

We are inviting applications from IMAA members who currently hold Senior Manager / Director positions and have a minimum of 5 years of experience in any media agency discipline, such as Investment, Strategy, Client Lead, Data, Tech, Sales, etc.

The mentoring programme will span a duration of 6 months, and it is recommended that the overall commitment is approximately 17 hours. (Estimated 4.5 hours per month during kick-off, mid, and close months, and 1.5 hours per month during standard months.)

It is expected that all mentees attend the programme launch, scheduled for the week commencing September 4th.

The programme is designed to be recognised as a significant career milestone and achievement for mentees. There is a cost associated with involvement in this program which is $990 (ex GST), which will only be invoiced should the applicant be successfully chosen for this programme.

Next Steps:

We are excited that you are about to embark on this journey with the IMAA.

You now need to complete following the registration process in order to be considered as one of our programme mentees.

Step 1: Create a short 2 mins max video stating why you would like to take part and what you hope to get out of it. This video then needs to be sent to info@theimaa.com.au

Step 2: Accompanying your video, a letter of endorsement from your MD/GM/CEO outlining why you would be a great candidate and send to info@theimaa.com.au

Step 3: Complete the below application form and submit.


IMAA Female Leaders Of Tomorrow: Mentee Application Form