FLOT Application Form

What Is It?

The FLOT Mentoring Programme is a new initiative from the IMAA to support emerging future female leaders navigate their career journey and career progression in the media industry. The IMAA aim to create a support network between accomplished industry leaders (Mentors) and programme participants (Mentees). We are seeking applicants that are currently in a Senior Manager / Director position with a minimum of 5 years’ experience across any media agency discipline, whether that be Investment, Strategy, Client Lead, Data, Tech etc.

Why Take Part?

The IMAA are determined to make this Mentoring Programme a sought-after learning and networking opportunity for all Participants. We have selected a range of high calibre Mentors and designed an impactful and aspirational programme. This should be viewed as a career milestone / accolade but importantly one that will fit in with your day job.

In addition to the above, there are a broad range of proven benefits that a mentoring relationship of this type can provide including:

  • Access to highly experienced media experts that will be vested in your personal success.
  • The ability to gain highly relevant practical insights, guidance, and advice including:
    • Develop your interpersonal and communication skills
    • Help you overcome career challenges and roadblocks
    • Support your career development ambitions
  • Personalised guidance to help you turbo charge your career.

When Will It Run?

Applications are open now and close on XXX. The programme itself will run across a 6-month period and the calendar is detailed here. XXX

Your personal commitment will range from 4.5 hours per month for kick off, mid and close months and 1.5 hours per month for standard months.

How Many Participants:

For our trial programme we are seeking 15 Mentees and 15 Mentors.

How You Can Get Involved?

This programme will take a chunk of your time as well as that of the mentor that you work with; so we want to ensure you are up for the ride.

What we need from you is:

  1. Short 2 mins max video stating why you would like to take part and what you hope to get out of it
  2. A written version of your video submission
  3. A supporting note from your MD/GM/CEO outlining why you would be a great candidate
  4. Complete the questions on the following page;