IMAA to launch several new initiatives in 2023 as indie momentum grows

As 2022 draws to an end, independent media agencies are forecasting strong growth in 2023, despite prevailing economic headwinds. Almost 60% of Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) members expect to grow between 10% and 20% and more next year, according to the latest Pulse Survey.

Indie agencies have also reported solid growth in 2022, with 67% up by between 10% and 20% and more in revenue.

While three quarters of agencies are concerned about the economy in 2023, the mood is still buoyant, with the most growth among agencies forecast to occur in the second half of CY 2023.

Among media channels, digital looks to be the big winner in 2023 for increased investment.

Digital video was the main beneficiary of increased investment from media agencies next year with 87.5% of agencies expecting the channel to grow considerably or slightly.

It was followed by CTV and BVOD with considerable or slightly more investment reported by 86% of agencies. Digital out-of-home was nominated by 77% of agencies, digital social (76%), digital search (66%), digital audio (64%), audio streaming (57%) and out-of-home (56%).

“The independent media agency sector has proven itself to be the most resilient in our industry and despite inflation and cost of living concerns heading into 2023, our members remain upbeat and confident about their growth in the year ahead. This points to a growing groundswell of support for indie agencies and client growth in the sector,” IMAA CEO, Sam Buchanan, said.

“Independent agencies are well placed in challenging economic times because they are unencumbered by international head office pressures and have the ability to flex and be agile to meet client demands and focus on delivering true return on investment.”

The IMAA has grown to almost 150 members this year and launched a raft of initiatives, including launching its Diversity & Inclusion Council; Project Earth and several partnerships for a more sustainable industry; more than 30 group deals, ranging from insurance to research, data and insights for members to access; and a range of partner events including Audio Unlimited and Digital Deep Dive. The IMAA was also successful in achieving the first stage of its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and a partnership with King’s Narrative to improve the lives of Aboriginal people.

Next year, several other large initiatives will be launched, including an industry event to kick off the year, plus a key focus on industry education.

“Next year will be even bigger and better for the IMAA. As the talent crisis starts to slow, retaining and growing talent is a key focus among our members. To that end, we will launch the IMAA Academy – a certified agency staff education and training program, a women’s mentoring program, and trade campaign in the UK to attract talent to work in indie agencies in Australia,” Buchanan said.

“We will also continue our vision to make our industry a better place and one to be proud of, with more D&I, ESG and RAP initiatives.”


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About Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA)

The Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) was established in February 2020 as a new, national industry body that represents Australia’s independent media agencies. The IMAA promotes the benefits of working with independent media agencies, builds awareness and respect for the sector, creates a knowledge sharing forum and helps build the Australian economy through supporting 100% Australian owned businesses.