The IMAA Facebook University is an education program to empower and upskill the Australian independent media agency industry. Included in the University is:

1. Blueprint Training & Certification Vouchers

As part of the University, you will have access to Blueprint Live and Spotlight sessions. Blueprint is a skill and training program that empowers people with Facebook knowledge and skills to grow their expertise. There is a range of subjects, from Creative to Measurement, that can be accessed. Blueprint training also includes preparation for exam certifications.

2. Leadership Training

This training is designed to support agency teams develop leadership skills and techniques to bring back to their organization. The sessions will be offered free of charge (normally priced at $2,700 AUD per session). Each training session will cover:
Learn how to communicate at a deeper and more impactful level, demonstrate confident and adaptable virtual presence, productively channel nervousness and anxiety into usable energy, and identify and minimize weak language.
Learn to break down the three types of difficult conversations and how to navigate them effectively through a simple structure for delivering difficult messages. Through a series of role-plays, we practice using our courage, our brains, and our hearts to deliver different types of difficult messages.