Welcoming Nine New Members

The Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA), the new, national, not for profit industry association for the independent media agency industry, has welcomed nine new members.

The new members are: Alchemy One, Indago Digital, Leonards Advertising, The Media Precinct, Mentor Marketing, Next & Co, Oddfish Media, Pivotus and Valore Media.

Members receive a range of benefits including a formalised network of industry leaders, a code of conduct, staff training, pitch support, IMAA certification and membership of the world’s largest independent agency network, thenetworkone.

“The IMAA now has members across Australia, as the independent media agency sector continues to thrive. We’ve already been able to offer our members some great benefits, including our series of COVID-19 webinars with experts and the media, and we have some exciting plans ahead. We would like to welcome our newest members and look forward to their input,” the IMAA Leadership Team said.

Alchemy One Managing Director, Joel Trethowan, said: “Joining the IMAA is such an exciting opportunity. The service, passion and dedication independent agencies provide is our collective competitive advantage to the holding groups and our work and client testimonials are a testament to that.

“The IMAA presents an incredible platform and network to drive and empower independent agencies in Australia, helping raise the voice about the difference and benefit in working with an independent agency. We believe and continue to see that independents are the future of the industry as more than ever clients are looking for passionate individuals they can work with end-to-end, who they can trust and connect with in the way of a partner, not a vendor.”

Indago Digital Managing Director, Gary Nissim, said: “Independent agencies are continuing to provide better service, results and value for money than the agency groups. Banding together with likeminded people will allow us to better educate the market and ensure more clients receive the benefits or using a smaller, typically owner-managed agency.”  

Leonards Advertising CEO, Kate Faithorn, said: “Never has the time been better and the urgency as great for an association of independent media agencies in Australia. By banding together through the IMAA, indies are able to have a collective voice, shared intelligence and maintain a vital position in servicing Australian businesses in an age of multinational holding companies and dramatic media ownership changes.”

Mentor Marketing Director, Amanda Reid, said: “‘Like attracts like’ and the IMAA does exactly that; provides an exciting opportunity for likeminded agencies to come together, support each other and work collaboratively. Whether it be our sheer passion for media, our core beliefs in the benefits associated with being independent or our industry experience, the IMAA represents these shared strengths.”

Next & Co Head of Strategy, Nick Grinberg, said: “We wanted to connect ourselves with like-minded agencies all striving to make a mark as indies.  We are very excited and believe there is huge potential in this network”.

Pivotus CEO, Michael Petersen, said: “I applied to join the IMAA because being an independently owned and operated digital ad agency comes with a few negatives alongside the many positives. One negative is that unless we’re well networked in the industry and avid learners, we’re destined to repeat the mistakes of those that have been where we’re planning to go. I see the IMAA as an opportunity for us to connect with those with ‘been there, done that’ experience. It’s an opportunity to smooth the road ahead for myself, our team and our clients.”

The IMAA’s purpose is to:

  • Promote the benefits of working with independent media agencies, including the benefit of working directly with the owners of these agencies and their staff;
  • Build further respect for independent media agencies by promoting the experience, care and flexibility that they provide;
  • Educate advertisers about the value independent media agencies can bring to their business;
  • Promote collaboration between independent media agencies as a forum to share knowledge;
  • Create a verified platform for reputable and established independent media agencies;
  • Build the Australian economy through supporting 100% Australian owned independent media agencies, meaning that money stays in Australia.

For further information contact:
Rochelle Burbury
Third Avenue Consulting
0408 774 577