Independent Media Agencies of Australia Announces World First Trade Credit Insurance Group Deal For Members

29 April 2021

The Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA) today announced a major win for the independent media agency sector, negotiating a world-first trade credit insurance group deal for IMAA members.

Trade credit insurance protects agencies from bad debts including unpaid invoices caused by client bankruptcy and receivership, default, political risks and other reasons. The policy is usually commensurate with the value of advertising spend and the payment terms agreed with each client. Although rarely used, it is one of the highest costs for indie media agencies.

The group deal, successfully brokered by the IMAA, will see its members save up to 75% in some cases, and is a world first.

IMAA General Manager, Sam Buchanan, said: “We uncovered through our IMAA Pulse Survey that members wanted to look for ways they can save money as a group on big-ticket items. One of the biggest expenses for independent media agencies is trade credit insurance, so for the last three months, we have explored a group deal for IMAA members.

“This is an absolute game-changer for us, and the industry and we are thrilled to be able to offer this important cost saving initiative to our members.”

The IMAA held a webinar for members this week, hosted by Buchanan, IMAA Chairman and Sandbox Media Director Ant Colreavy and a trade credit insurance specialist to explain the group deal, which was received enthusiastically by members.

Colreavy said: “Many independent agencies were impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw some trade credit insurers effectively penalise Australian-owned businesses as they ‘de-risked’ themselves. Limiting the amount of trade credit meant that agencies were left with no other option than to ask their clients for cash upfront or carry the exposure themselves.  This new group deal is a massive win for IMAA members and one which will make us all sleep better at night.”

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About Independent Media Agencies Australia

The IMAA was established in February 2020 as a new, national industry body that represents Australia’s independent media agencies. The IMAA promotes the benefits of working with independent media agencies, build awareness and respect for the sector, create a knowledge sharing forum and help build the Australian economy through supporting 100% Australian owned businesses.